Have you ever thought deeply about compassion? It is a word I use a lot. In fact my mission statement says that I work to enlarge understanding in order to decrease judgment and increase compassion.  But until I was asked to create and facilitate a retreat about compassion, I had not really given the concept much deep thought. I came to realize that compassion is not just a feeling, it is a way of life.

Within the retreat, we looked at many (40+) ways to describe compassion, multiple (18+) scripture passages, suggestions for dealing with some of our own personal blocks to being compassionate, quotes about compassion (100+), and closed with a worship service after completing a prayer walk. And oh, yes, we also played and fellowshipped with each other.

Some of the responses to the question “Will this compassion retreat be helpful to you?” were:

  • Absolutely! Bringing out the less obvious side of compassion
  • Yes, I always think I have to do it all for some people. Now I don’t feel as guilty only doing a bit.
  • Yes, looking outside my circle for compassion for people that are not like me.
  • Less judgmental. “Birds of a feather stick together” …Truly you are your experiences. I am so thankful for experiences I have had (learning experiences)—even the difficult ones. I think I now after “compassion” will think with a wider view of considering other people’s experiences.
  • Yes, I see myself doing more instead of feeling Also I will try to receive compassion because I never think I am worthy of it.
  • Yes, helps me understand that it is okay that I don’t like everyone in order to have compassion for them and it’s okay to say no.
  • It gave me insight into problems greater than mine.
  • Yes, it helped me to think about compassion in some different ways. Hopefully, that will help me to be more compassionate.
  • Yes, I am confronted by compassion (or lack of) every day. It is difficult not to be judgmental. I find folks that do not have are usually the most grateful. I want to remember that each individual has different circumstances and different “fund of knowledge.” Acceptance is how God/Christ is glorified and how we as Christians should live.


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