• April 26: Poverty Simulation, Central UMC, Florence SC
  • May 5: Poverty Simulation, SHARE
  • May 16: Poverty Simulation, Emergency Department as Microcosm of Society and Medical Legal Partnership at Furman
  • July 17: Poverty Simulation, Cothran Center at Furman

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Beth’s Workshops, Retreats, and Preaching

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May 7: Preaching at Grace Covenant Presbyterian in the morning and Foothills Presbyterian Retirement Community for afternoon vespers


Beth’s Book Signings and Conversations



Grace-Full Love by the Week

January 8, Book signing and reading , Fourth Presbyterian Church

February 8, Book signing and presentation on Close Encounters with Scripture, First Presbyterian Church, Anderson

March 21, Book signing and reading, First Baptist

April 22: Book signing and presentation, Grace Covenant Presbyterian

CATEGORY:  Poverty

Loving Our Neighbor: A Thoughtful Approach for Helping People in Poverty

Provides practical advice for churches, businesses, civic organizations, school groups, and individuals who need seasoned guidance in making wise and compassionate decisions when approached for financial decisions. Missions committees have used this book a as part of their working together.

Understanding Poverty in the Classroom: Changing Perceptions for Student Success

Helps teachers identify perceptual differences between children with resources and those who are accustomed to living with limited resources. Teachers will gain an awareness of how these perceptions can be more sensitive because of cultural and socioeconomic differences. This resource provides teaching strategies that address the special needs of children who live in poverty and encourages teachers to learn about the neighborhoods in which their students live and what to look for in those areas. This book also helps teachers confront myths about poverty and homelessness and learn how to find factual demographic information about poverty.

A Coat Named Mr. Spot

Questions such as “Why does my classmate smell funny?” indicate a child is noticing the socioeconomic differences between students. This picture books helps parents, grandparents, and teachers assist in developing and continuing a conversation for helping children empathize with classmates who may live in poverty. A Parents’ Guide is included.

Angelika’s Journal: What You Can Do About Poverty and Homelessness

A resource for those who want to understand the impact of poverty on children. Each chapter begins with a journal entry from Angelika. As she deals with the challenges of poverty, she inspires all to see their world differently. At the end of each chapter, a study guide and questions dig deeper into the issues that confront Angelika. This is the perfect resource for people who want to understand how children experience poverty in the U.S. every day. School personnel and church study groups have found this book easy to relate to and impactful in their learning about homelessness and poverty.


CATEGORY: Inspirational

Conversations on the Porch: Ancient Voices-Contemporary Wisdom

As different women visit Templeton on her porch, Scriptures come alive in fresh and insightful ways. The conversations she shares with Eve, Huldah, Mary, Lydia, and others not only address issues of women and of the world in general, but also demonstrate that biblical women’s stories and insights are as vital and important today as they were when their stories were first told. Conversations center on such common challenges as blame, forgiveness, grief, joy, conflict, sacrifice, trust, hope, courage, wisdom, and above all, living in the power of God’s love and grace.

More Conversations on the Porch: Ancient Voices—Contemporary Wisdom

The women gracefully share their stories of faith so others might listen anew in their own worlds. The conversations Templeton shares with Jezebel, the Witch of Endor, Joanna, Rhoda, and others center on such common challenges as family, courage, compassion, risk taking, using your gifts, curiosity, God’s way, and above all, living in the poverty of God’s love and grace.

NOTE: Several women’s groups have used Conversations on the Porch or More Conversations on the Porch for their year long study and discussion. Sunday School classes.

Refrigerator Prayers for Ordinary People: Conversations with God about the Details of Life

“Templeton has chosen topics that everybody has prayed about, but she uses such thoughtful language that we all can identify with the questions and answers to God. Each of us has wanted answers…Templeton’s approach is so comforting.” (from a reader)

Grace-Full Love by the Week

365 daily devotions using one scripture for a week.


CATEGORY:  Personal Growth and Challenges

Uncharted Journey: On the Challenges of Getting Older and Other Transitions

Based on quotes from some of our wisest and most revered minds and writers—from Anne Lamott and Albert Einstein to Yeats and Jung, Templeton shares letters of wisdom from a “secret admirer” about the unavoidable transitions of life and how to respond to the challenges we face on the journey. This book deals with the three legs of any transition: loss, letting go, and growth.  Beth offers presentations from 15 minutes to full retreats on this topic.

The Sacred Year

From the preface: “On February 10, 2018, my life as I knew it came to a screeching halt. The day before, I had rushed my husband Jim to the hospital…Ironically at the time, I was putting the final touches on a book I had written about dealing with the challenges… [of] loss, letting go, and growth. Little did I know I was about to embark on my own personal uncharted journey. This is the emotional chronicle of the first year of that journey, a year that will forever be sacred.”

This book is a comfort to others who have gone through a similar circumstance… Readers connect with that kind of vulnerability, and author has seemingly held nothing back.”
Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.


CATEGORY:  Miscellaneous

The Christmas Strawberry…and Other Stories

A collection of sacred and secular stories and poems for the season of Christmas that reflects on the inherent contrasts of Advent and Christmas: joy and sorrow, traditions and just getting through, religious emphases and secular aspects, loneliness and love, wealth and poverty. Some people live more on one side than the other but in reaching out, all our lives are enriched.

George’s War: Then and Now

From the preface: “In 1932, my great-grandfather, George F. Robertson, wrote and published a book reflecting on his memories from his childhood during the Civil War. …[His] little tale…became a jumping off point for a soul-searching process that continues to this day.”

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