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Who is Beth Lindsay Templeton?

Founder and CEO of Our Eyes Were Opened, Inc., Beth is a public speaker, Presbyterian Church USA minister, and writer. For many years, she was with United Ministries, a non-profit in Greenville, South Carolina, where she worked with both “the have-nots” and “the haves.” Since 2007, she has focused on a ministry with “the haves” so they can enlarge their understanding about people who live in poverty in order to decrease judgment and increase compassion.

Beth's Written Works

George's War: Then and Now: A Great-Granddaughter Reflects

What began as a simple writing project to take my great-grandfather’s book that had languished on shelves for decades and bring it back using current language and idioms became an unexpected quest. I learned that the Civil War was more than battles. George F. Robertson never witnessed any gun fights even though he saw troops of both sides moving in and out of his hometowns.

When I realized my great-great-grandparents had owned three house and yard servants who were slaves, I was shaken. About the time that piece of information began to deeply resonate in my white heart, racial tensions exploded in the United States.  My great-grandfather’s little tale of his memories as an eight-year-old boy of the Civil War became a jumping off point for a soul-searching process.

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The Sacred Year

Based on my own experience of dealing with death, this book discusses loss, letting go, and growth.
This is the emotional chronicle of the first year of that journey, a year that will forever be sacred.

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Uncharted Journey

Referencing quotes from some of our wisest and most revered minds, this book is made up of letters of wisdom from a “secret admirer” about the unavoidable transitions of life and how to respond to the challenges we face on the journey.

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Grace-full Love by the Week

Reading the same passage for a week can often expand our understanding of Biblical verses in wondrous ways. This new devotional book offers readers that opportunity over the course of a year, with 52 passages and seven devotionals relating to each passage that are excerpted from the author’s sermons.

Although readers may follow a calendar year, the devotionals are arranged so that the study of a new passage can begin on any day in any month as well.

Grace-full Love by the Week is Rev. Templeton’s 12th book. A 13th book is in process.

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