Loving Our Neighbor

Based on Beth’s book, Loving Our Neighbor, this workshop helps participants uncover some of their own ideas about how poverty affects behavior. By highlighting funds of knowledge, various ways that congregations interact with people who live in poverty, and how we use language as a barrier, this workshop opens the door for thoughtful thinking about

Overview of Poverty Workshop

Participants consider three definition of poverty. One is academic, another is based on the federal poverty guidelines, and the third is experiential. The workshop teaches the powerful and insightful concept of funds of knowledge and how that impacts our interaction with people who are different in any way. Other concepts that can be included, depending

Understanding Poverty in the Classroom

Teachers, students, and parents learn how poverty affects a child’s educational experience. Based on concepts found in Beth’s books, Understanding Poverty in the Classroom and Angelika’s Journal, participants consider how behaviors required at home can affect a child’s actions in the classroom. For example, a child who lives in an overcrowded situation may have learned