January 28

Welcome to the wonderful world of traveling on a bus. We each could pack one bag. Fortunately the shelter had suitcases to give to people when they leave the shelter. They were nice to us. They told us that even though they wished Mama could have finished her classes that they were real proud of her. She had made good progress and they saw a lot of promise in her. They complimented her about what a good mother she was. They wished us well and sent us off with their blessings.

Sitting on this bus is the pits. It is not comfortable. The bathroom in the back is smelly. And I’m not looking forward to where we’re going. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my Grandmama. I can’t really remember what she looks like. I just know that she and Mama don’t get along very well.

As I listen to the sounds of the wheels on the highway, all I can hear them say is “Goodbye, Ber-ber. Goodbye, lunch buddy. Goodbye, shelter friends. Goodbye. Goodbye.”

I hate this. I want to stay. I don’t want to keep living our lives like we do. I’m tired of packing up and leaving most of our stuff behind. I’m tired of getting jerked around. I’m tired of making friends only to have them taken away from me. I really, really want to say bad words about how very tired and angry I am. But I won’t.

And I’m hungry. This bus doesn’t stop very often and when it does, the food is expensive. I’ve only had a pack of crackers and a soft drink and we’ve been on this stinking bus over nine hours. Did I mention how much I hate all this?


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