Tonight, June 24,  I’m on Niteline on WGGS-TV to talk about Angelika’s Journal.Image The book deals with many issues that children who live in poverty face: housing instability and constant moving, lack of access to basic services, substandard housing, hunger, fear, and overcrowded living situations. Families live in multi-generational situations where grandparents are expected to raise their grandchildren and even their great-grandchildren. Children also learn amazing life lessons that can help navigate the journey of growing up as evidenced by Angelika’s commitment to live, love, share, and being good to others.
Angelika’s Journal is a great resource for those who want to understand the impact of poverty on children in order to address the challenges of persistent poverty and change the world for the good of everyone. With understanding comes insight. With insight comes passion. With passion comes motivation. With motivation comes listening. With listening comes solutions. With solutions comes access to amazing human resources, with amazing human resources comes a world where people can live, love, share, and be good to others.

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