Answers to poverty quiz questions 16-20:  16.c; 17.b; 18.c; 19.a; 20.c


What was the most successful part of the simulation for you?

Teaching us about poverty and hardships people may have in their lives

Actually being able to feel the limitations of finances and the desperation felt without money

Recognizing financial challenges and navigating the subsequent best course of action

We had to work hard to coordinate all the different payments and get them in on time

It showed the strains of trying to pay for all of the necessities on a low income

Not knowing what’s going on half the time, which is how things really are

The frustration and anxiety involved in doing even the most basic things

The limited time to do so many basic tasks to ensure survival

Simulating the stress that happens during economic hardships

Demonstrating the profound difficulty of low income pressures on families and individuals

For “parents” to feel frustrated

Highlighting the unexpected expenses that can overwhelm a family

Reality of financial difficulties (realistic prices, salaries, bills, possibility of being robbed)

Understanding the difficulty of not having parents in the household

Helping us understand that just getting a job is not going to fix everything

I was able to see that the child care situation is like in low income families

Figuring out how to make ends meet from week to week with limited resources

It really gives you insight into how it feels to not have adequate resources

Trying to survive on a fixed income

The frustration of getting everything done

Realizing that while there is a large personal responsibility with getting yourself out of poverty, it is NOT as simple as getting a job.

Having an income is only the first step to alleviating poverty. There are so many more hoops to jump through.

Time pressures/ having long applications

Learning how to plan ahead and make solutions quickly under stressful situations

The time aspect: realizing how stressful it is to get it all done

Having to experience struggles that many people go through in poverty


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