I was winding my way out of the center of a labyrinth at a local church, I noticed that the stones occasionally aligned three straight across. At other times, the three stones did not align at all but still came together as the curves in the path needed them to. I also noticed that in certain sections, the middle stone was rectangular rather than square. Since I was already in a meditative mood, I noted that this path was much like life. At times everything seems aligned. At other times, things are a little out sync. Sometimes life requires one kind of stone. At other times, another is needed. But the path of life continues.

This seems to exemplify life in general. Sometimes it seems that everything lines up just as it needs to. We have all the resources that we need at the moment. Everyone is working together joyfully and fully. We are making significant progress toward our goals. At other times, things seem a little off balance. What we’ve become accustomed to has changed. And yet, the changes are important for the path to function as it is intended. Life goes on.

All of us, those with adequate resources and those without, are on this path. We have more in common than we have not in common. All of us are connected because we walk the path. Let’s celebrate the path and help each other in our walk.

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