Volunteers are wonderful. Through my time at United Ministries and also now with Our Eyes Were Opened, Inc., I realized that I could not do the work I do without volunteers.

Every time I facilitate a poverty simulation, I need at least thirteen volunteers.  The learning experience truly could not happen without them! Some of the “vendors” in the simulation have been working with me since I first began facilitating the simulation. Others participated in the simulation and decided that they wanted to be “on the other side of the table!”  Couples, college students, retired folks, teachers on summer break, people actively employed, and others volunteer.  They pitch in when someone can’t come at the last minute. They are willing to learn roles other than the one they usually do. They simply make my life easier and the experience for the participants meaningful.

I was recently in Columbia with Imagine School and they got volunteers from a church. These folks were motivated, quick learners, and inspired and inspiring through their gift of time and themselves.  I enjoyed working with them. I am constantly amazed how the simulation always works out…even when I have logistical problems or brand new volunteers who’ve never even seen the simulation.  All my worry and literal nightmares are for nothing because of the amazing, wonderful, terrific volunteers. What a true blessing for me and everyone whom they interact with through their thoughtful and generous sharing.

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