Elizabeth Watson said, “Sometimes we must leave our fixed abode and become sojourners in uncertainty. We need to learn that no place, however hallowed in our memories, is more holy than any other.”

When we go through transitions in our lives, we tend to look back at what was…no matter if what was was pleasant OR uncomfortable.  However, the growth that beckons to us asks us to move into new holy ground. We hear the subtle voices to move forward, to grow, or to become more than we thought we could be.  The growth may require new definitions for life–when we age, lose a beloved family member or friend, or deal with an illness.  Growth may suggest that we need only to tweak some of what is now.

Growth calls us forward, urges us to move beyond stagnation, and encourages excitement for the next step of our uncharted journeys.  Growth may also teach us acceptance of this new phase of our living and show us new lessons in becoming our fullest selves.

We can decide to become “sojourners in uncertainty” as we move along the next steps of our uncharted journey.

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