The gift of Uncharted Journey continues to amaze me because of the hunger that people express for the kinds of things that I have learned and want to share.  People who go through all kinds of transitions indicate that they understand the concepts of dealing with loss, letting go, and growth. They yearn for a safe place where they can explore this journey for themselves and with others.

Just today I met with a woman who heard me make a quick comment about Uncharted Journey within the context of a program that I was doing about poverty and Our Eyes Were Opened. She followed up with me and is now planning to host a group for six weeks so we can explore our Uncharted Journeys together.

What wonderful, joy-filled opportunities are opening up. I am privileged to share with women some of their deep pain as they move through loss and letting go to growth. They simply need a format to help them explore the answers they already have within themselves. As we all listen to each other, we discover that we are not traveling alone on the Uncharted Journey.

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