I began rereading my own book, Uncharted Journey, which is about living through transitions, all kinds of transitions: getting older, losing a job, children growing through various stages, death, etc.  I realized that it is speaking, too, of the transitions of living through this pandemic.

“Have you ever seen a meadow a year or so after a wildfire ravaged it? It is a glorious sight. The fire created openness so the sun could flood the field. The ash from the fire, the rot from the fallen trees, and vegetation created a rich bed of soil for glorious wildflowers to grow. Just imagine a field covered with red, blue, yellow, purple, orange, and white flowers. You can hardly walk without stepping on a magnificent gift from the creator God. Without the devastation of the fire and scorched earth, the flowers would not have grown.

That can happen to you. Sit, be easy with yourself. Know that from your brokenness, something new will sprout up. The new growth may be very tentative at first. It may not look anything like what came before. On the other hand, it may resemble what was broken…and yet, it will be different in its own beautiful way.”

If you’ve been holding your breath in your pain, you will discover that you begin to breathe easily again. Not all at once. You may still struggle to get a fully deep breath, but you will notice that your chest is filling up a bit more. You will be able to forget about your brokenness for longer periods of time. You will! “ (p.7-8)

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