The Seed 

I remember


in a beautiful packet

with others who looked like me.

Sometimes we

wondered what was outside

our dark pouch.

We’d hear noises.

“O-o-o, look at this one!

It’s so pretty.

Should I get these? “

We did not know what this meant.

We knew only


being together.

We were comfortable

with our lives.

We knew what to expect.

But one day,

when someone said,

“O-o-o, look at this one,”

we were jostled around

out of our comfortable


We were still

in the pouch



One day

our dark pouch was ripped open.

We saw something


yet warm.

What was it?

I was scared.

Someone whispered,


I barely remembered light

From when I first came to be.

Things changed quickly then.

The voice took all of us

out to the garden.

One by one

the voice put us into holes

one of us in each hole.

I was really scared.

For the first time

I was truly alone.

I looked around.

Everything I knew

that was familiar

that was comfortable

was gone.

I was alone

in the dark

with only dirt around me.

Occasionally I would feel

something slither by

or I’d feel something

jumping around

chirping above me.

But I was alone.

I did not know

how long my situation

would last.

I just stayed there.


I’d absorb

water that came to me.

I was in the dark.

I was alone.

I did not know what was happening.

I began to sense

something was changing.

I felt tremors inside.

Now I was really scared

…and hopeful.

Whatever I was feeling

seemed like it was

supposed to be.

Everything began to feel


Like I was about to burst.

I was still alone

still scared

But now with more hope.

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