I am a great believer in the idea that when the time is right for something to happen, things fall into place. For me as a faithful Christian, I believe this meets the ideas that God is already working on with us. Others may credit this kind of synchronicity to a divine being of another name, the universe, or the stars being aligned.
Yesterday I had such an experience. I met with a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable college student and an architect who is known especially for her passion for low income housing and creative land use and design . They showed me an idea they are working on. We began to discuss all kinds of positive ideas generated by the work they have already done. I asked a number of questions. At one point, I suggested other people they needed to contact who were especially gifted or knowledgeable in certain aspects of their plan.
I mentioned one person several times because of his experience and passion in several of the areas they are dreaming about. Who should come walking by the room where we were meeting but this guy! He saw me through the window of the door and poked his head in to say hello. I immediately jumped up, all smiles, hugged him, and said, “You know the guy I was talking about that you should meet? This is the guy!!!” Everybody said their names and realized their paths had crossed in the past. The two planners showed him briefly their idea and he indeed is very interested in their concepts. The three of them will get together later for more conversation.
When the project gets further along, I’ll share with you what exciting and paradigm changing thing this project is. For now, the two “instigators” are talking with people and sharing their ideas.
Synchronicity…I love it!

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