Our movements are restricted because of social isolation. With this comes all kinds of positive and negative feelings. Some of us finally have the time to do that house and/or yard work we’ve been wanting to do. We can catch up on our reading. We may be able to connect via social media with friends and family. We can avoid makeup.

We also have to learn to live twenty-four hours a day with the same people. Or if we live by ourselves, we are faced with loneliness and days when we speak aloud to no one.

We all are faced with fear about how long this social isolation will last. Will we get the illness? Will a loved one have to be hospitalized and we will not be able to be with him/her? Will our favorite businesses fail? Will our economic situation be changed forever?

So many swirls of emotions and thoughts. So many questions.

What for most of us is a blip in our lives, other people around the globe experience as a life reality. They are isolated because of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, their nationality. They cannot go where they want to go. They cannot be with their families because of politics. They scratch by to exist because they have no job. They get sick and have inadequate medical care and supplies.

We are blessed in so many ways even during this time of social isolation. May what we are learning about ourselves in our hearts and minds stretch around the globe so that social isolation is something we ALL can move beyond.

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