The 2016 federal poverty level for a family of 4 in South Carolina is $24,300 and is $11,880 for one individual.

The area median income in 2014 is $45,238 (SC) and $44,783 (Greenville-Mauldin-Easley).

In 2015 the per capita income in SC was $33,677 and in Greenville was $40,791. The US per capita income is $28,889.


A minimum wage earner ($7.25 an hour) can afford monthly rent of no more than $377. The fair market rent for a two-bedroom unit in South Carolina is $772.

A SSI recipient (receiving $733 monthly) can afford monthly rent of no more than $244.

A unit is considered affordable if it costs no more than 30% of the renter’s income (rent and utilities).

The income required to afford a 2-bedroom FMR apartment in South Carolina is $30,860.

Rate of Poverty

26.2 % of all residents in 2013 in Greenville County lived at or below established federal poverty levels.

32.4% of children in Greenville County lived at or below poverty in 2013.


In 2013, the percentage of people in SC age 25 or older with a high school diploma or higher is 84.5% compared to the same age group with a bachelor’s degree or higher of 25.1%.


The Rental Wage in South Carolina is $14.84. This is the amount a full time (40 hours a week) worker must earn per hour in order to afford a two-bedroom unit at the area’s Fair Market rent ($772)

The following occupational codes had median hourly wages in 2015 below the rental wage: Healthcare Support ($11.50), Food Preparation and Serving Related ($8.84), Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance ($9.37), Sales and Related ($11.43), Office and Administrative ($14.55), Farming, Fishing, and Forestry ($11.56), and Transportation and Material Moving ($13.14)


22.3% of people in Greenville County have trouble getting to work due to transportation issues.

75.4% of people in Greenville County own a car but 24% are unable to drive their car occasionally because they cannot afford repairs or gasoline.



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