Answers for Questions 11-15: 11. None; 12. a; 13. a; 14. c. ; 15. b.


16. The consequences of child poverty (15-22% depending on the study) in the US is a cost of $X a year in lower earnings, lost tax revenue, and other negative long term effects.

a. $1 billion

b. $250 billion

c. $500 billion


17. Where does South Carolina rank in terms of per pupil expenditures? (1 is good, 50 is bad.)

a. 29th

b. 36th

c. 43rd

18. In 2012, what was the percentage of babies born to single mothers in South Carolina?

a. 7%

b. 8%

c. 48%

19. How is poverty measured?

a. Determine the amount of money needed to buy the lowest-cost nutritionally adequate diet identified by the United States Department of Agriculture and multiply by 3 and then account for the number of people in the household.

b. Estimate the amount of money needed to provide basic housing, clothing, food, and utilities adjusted by the consumer price index, and account for the number in the family.

20. In 2004, US taxpayers spent an unnecessary $X to receive their tax refund faster through Refund Anticipation Loans.

a. $2.6 million

b. $7.4 million

c. $1.6 billion 6.15




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