Children don’t vote. Oh, if only they could. What might they vote for? I’m not talking about longer recess or only desserts for lunch. If a child could vote, what kinds of things would be on the ballot? What changes would be implemented so they could have a decent and realistic chance to become all that they can be?  I’ll begin a list for the ballot. You might add more.

Three nutritious meals every day of the year so hunger would not impede their physical, emotional, and mental growth and capabilities

Adequate medical care so they would not have to miss school due to manageable illnesses

Safe, secure, affordable housing in safe neighborhoods so their parents’ stress would lessen and the kids could play outside

Wages that paid their parents adequately for their hours and hours of hard work

Adequate facilities to help family members deal with addictions or mental illness if needed

Schools that expanded the children’s minds, imaginations, and experiences so they could dream BIG and then go after those dreams.

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