This is the gift giving season. We can shop til we drop. We can bake. We can give all kinds of wonderful and not so wonderful gifts.

We are also the recipients of amazing gifts. We have received things in the past that we secretly yearned for or that we hinted for so loudly that no one could miss our wanting. We have been surprised by special items. We have been curious as to “why in the world would anyone think I would want THAT?”

Many of the gifts we received fall into other categories…

The gift of having a dream nurtured by people who believe in you

The gift of being listened to without advice being given (unless asked for)

The gift of worshiping together with people who matter to you

The gift of people who email you or phone you just to let you know you are in their thoughts

The gift of reconciliation with someone who caused you pain

The gift of hugs or kisses which come from overflowing love without expectations

The gift of someone caring for you when you felt unlovable

The gifts which are meaningful to us even in their seeming insignificance

As we move deeper into this holiday season, maybe we can be the giver as well as the recipient of such gifts which have been especially important to us.

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