Based on very conservative spending assumptions

Wages:                       $11.00 an hour job, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year.

Net take home:        $8.25 /hour or $1430 a month.

Housing:                     $758 for a two-bedroom apartment in South Carolina at fair market rate

Utilities:                      $250/month for gas, water, and electricity

Transportation:       $25 a week for gas for one car/$100 a month

Food:                           $100 a week for a family of four/ $400 a month

Childcare:                   $100 a week for one child / $400 a month

Medical:                     $60 a month for prescriptions and over the counter medicines.

NOTE: This conservative list does not include a car payment, clothing, entertainment, hobbies, etc.

Expenses: $1968

  • $758 (housing)
  • $250 (utilities)
  • $100 (transportation)
  • $400 (food)
  • $400 (childcare)
  • $60 (medical)

Difference: <$538> $1430 (take home) less $1968 (expenses)

Poverty guideline in 2015 for family of four: $24,250

 Salary at 40 hours, 52 weeks, $7.25 /hour: $15,080

Salary needed to pay only 30% of income for housing (percentage recommended by the Housing and Urban Development Department of the federal government) in SC: $14.57 per hour….a little over twice the minimum wage.

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