We’ve all been there. Someone who is obviously poor or homeless approaches you and asks for money. What do you do? Do you give money knowing there’s a good chance it will be used on drugs or alcohol or do you say “no” or even ignore the person as you walk by? 

No one wants to be a sucker in these situations, but at the same time Jesus’ call to help the poor echoes in our hearts and minds. Servant or Sucker? will help viewers discern appropriate, Christ-centered actions when it comes to addressing poverty on a personal or organizational level. It includes the realities of poverty such as the concepts of time, relationships, money and values; a “poverty tour”; interviews with those who are homeless or poor; interviews with those who have helped and/or have been suckered; and steps you can take to be an effective servant without getting suckered. 

A free leader’s guide is included on the DVD.