Some people from a congregation decided to take a walking tour through a blighted neighborhood so they could see, smell, and feel for themselves some of the poverty in their own community. They asked me to go with them so I could talk about their experiences as we walked around. We came to a pile of household items and trash on the side of the road. I commented that someone had just been evicted since all their possessions were now put out as garbage.

I happened to notice a notebook lying to one side of the pile. It looked as if it had been thrown aside when someone was going through the items to find what seemed useable or valuable. The book’s cover was decorated with flowers and pastel colors. Something about it said to pick it up. So I did.

When I opened it, I read on the inside front cover: “This is the journal of Precious Angelika Johnson. In it I will write my truest feelings. DO NOT TOUCH!!! This is private.”

I decided that this journal did not deserve to be left lying on the side of the road where it could get rained on or torn up. I put it in my backpack and continued our walking tour.

I forgot about the journal for several weeks. One rainy afternoon, I decided to clean out my backpack and came across the journal. I began reading and knew that this was something to share with anyone who was interested. Are you curious and want to read it? I hope so.
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