The National Low Income Housing Coalition just released a report about the shortage of affordable rental units for people who are deeply low income (DLI= household with income at or less than 15% of the Average Median Income AMI); extremely low income (ELI=income at or below 30% of AMI); very low income (VLI=income between 30% and 50% of AMI); and low income (LI=income between 50% and 80% of AMI.)

They discovered that no state has more than 56 units of rental housing affordable and available for every 100 ELI households, and no state had more than 37 rental housing units affordable and available for every 100 DLI households.

In South Carolina there are only 23 units for DLI, 34 for ELI, 66 for VLI, and 107 for LI. To make matters even worse, when looking at households that are severely cost burdened, meaning that they spend more than 50% of their household income on housing costs, 92% of DLI, 76% of ELI, 33% of VLI, and 6% of LI fit that definition.

For the full report go to

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