Protector of All Who Trust, be with people who suffer because they are different. Lead them to people who can celebrate their differences rather than denigrate them. Uplift them with pride in their uniqueness rather than allowing them to be weighed down by it. Help them find others who share some of their outlook or situation so they will know they are not freaks. Surround them with the knowledge that they are your beloved children.

For those of us who distrust people who are different, who put them down because they are unlike us, or who label them with hurtful words, convict us of our judgment and prejudices. Open our eyes to the wonder of your creation, in whatever form it may take. Give us courage to step out with open hearts to embrace those who feel excluded. Help us stand up for those who are not one of the majority.

Jesus our Christ, you died on the cross for all of us. Let us never forget that. Amen

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