Sometimes when we become aware of the overwhelming needs of certain people in our communities, we become frozen. There is no way we can fix everything so people can meet their basic human needs. We think, “Who am I to think I can provide decent housing, get the minimum wage raised to a living wage, secure a decent public transportation system, change the educational system so it is sensitive to the needs of all children and has the resources to address those needs, not to mention how to provide adequate and affordable health care to everyone? “  And because the needs seem soooo big, we may end up doing nothing. We feel deluged by the scale of changes needed.

That’s when Edmund Burke’s words become profound: “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

None of us can tackle everything but we can add our own efforts. At some point, all our little efforts will add up to something monumental! 

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