ImageAfter eating Papa’s yummy waffles for breakfast, Mimi told the children to put on shorts and tee shirts because it was going to be a hot day. While Betsy was looking for her sandals, she told Mimi, “There’s a boy in my class named Frankie. He always wears his coat–even when it is very hot. He never takes it off. I bet he’s wearing his coat today–even thought it’s not a school day.” 

Betsy finally found her sandals and began putting them on. Mimi said, “Frankie may need his coat to help him feel safe. If his family has moved a lot, he may not have his favorite old stuffed puppy like you do. Remember Mr. Spot that you sleep with at home? You used to carry Mr. Spot everywhere you went. Well, if you didn’t have Mr. Spot, you might decide that you wanted to keep your coat with you all the time. Frankie’s coat may be Mr. Spot for him.”

Betsy giggled, “Mr. Spot is a funny name for a coat.”

Mimi continued. “Frankie may think his clothes are not good enough for school. He might be afraid that other children will make fun of him. He figures that if no one sees what he has on under his coat, then they cannot tease him.” 

Betsy said, “I don’t want kids to make fun of him.”

Mimi said, “Sweetie, I hope not.”

Excerpt from A Coat Named Mr. Spot, available at, at online retailers, and at Ten Thousand Villages store in Greenville. 

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